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Taming Windows 7, Part 1: Reinstating the Classic Taskbar, with Quicklaunch.

If the icons pinned to the task bar are not to your taste, don't worry, you can get back the old Windows 200/XP/Vista classic start menu, complete with quick-launch. Here's my step by step guide.

First, take a look at the finished result we will acheive. I've highlighted the quicklaunch area and a classic taskbar icon. This is what we will acheive.

  1. Open your home folder (or in fact, any folder you like), and create a new folder called Quicklaunch. This will contain all the quicklaunch shortcuts.
  2. Right click on the taskbar, and hover over toolbars, and select New Toolbar.
  3. Browse to the place where you created you Quicklaunch folder, and select it. Then click Select Folder.
  4. Right Click the taskbar again, but this time click Properties
  5. Select Use Small Icons. Also, change the Taskbar Buttons selection to Combine When Taskbar is Full (or if you prefer, Never Combine). Click OK.
  6. Once again, right click the taskbar, and this time deselect Lock the Taskbar. You should now be able to drag the quicklaunch area to the left part of the taskbar, left of the actual main taskbar area. Move to taste. Also, you can now drag the top of the taskbar down, so that it is the normal height. You can also right click on the Quicklaunch taskbar you created and change it to show icons only, and not show the title.
  7. Next, right click on the applications pinned to the taskbar. Click Unpin this program from taskbar on each of them.
  8. Next, Click the start menu, and find each program you would like to add to the Quicklaunch bar. Right-click-drag the icon to the start menu. Select the option to create a shortcut.
  9. Finally, right click the task bar, and re-select Lock the taskbar. You should have a much saner, old-skool windows style.

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